Solutions to Reduce Exposure to Particulate Matter and Airborne Aerosolized Transmissions

Exposure to PM and airborne infectious aerosols have emerged to be significant health risk due to high outdoor PM levels (related to traffic and/ industrial sources; haze occurrences) and increased occupant densities in buildings. It is still not clear how various technologies perform at different scales (whole building, zone, and personal scale) and how effective each of the method is in reducing exposure to various indoor and outdoor pollutants below a healthy threshold.

This project examines the effectiveness of available solutions to address PM and airborne infectious aerosols and investigates operation of these solutions when they are combined and smartly controlled as a system. This project evaluates several ventilation strategies, dynamic pressurization, air cleaning at different scales and combination to mitigate the risks of PM exposure (eg. haze) and airborne infectious transmission.

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