Lighting Design Strategies Beyond the Visual: Health, Alertness and Efficiency

This project refines and develops predictive simulation methodologies with regards to spectral power distributions received at the human eye. These methods will be validated in the SinBerBEST testbed using material reflective and illuminance spectrophotometers for various artificial sky illuminant color temperatures, fa├žade materials, and interior surface materials. Once the validity of the predictive calculations have been identified, computational physiological response models needed to assess the long-term circadian effects of lighting over different weather situations will be used.

A final part to this research will be to study subjective comfort and subjective alertness in the SinBerBEST testbed with actual study participants. The project investigates the integration of building interior design and electric lighting controls, involving more than simply maintaining a continuous illuminance level for working. The project pays attention to the differences between standard illuminance for working and melanopic or circadian illuminance throughout the day in the best interest of human health.

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