Holistic Building Energy Management with Adaptive Cooling Control

This project addresses energy savings in two different aspects, i.e., advanced enabling technologies and active participation of occupants where novel strategies to integrate them into a holistic building power management system will be provided. For the advanced enabling technology aspect, a fault tolerant user-centric token-based ACMV scheduling strategy learning each individual user's thermal preferences will be automatically tuned via suitable data driven learning approaches.

To enable active participation of occupants, relevant techniques will be used to encourage occupant’s energy efficient behaviour to optimise building energy consumption. Certain incentive schemes are designed to speed up this tuning process.

The project will properly integrate together to form a holistic building energy management solution, where the token-based strategy optimizes the ACMV system performance by taking the occupants’ behavior into account, whereas each occupant relies on energy consumption predictions from the token-based strategy to understand what is the best energy saving that can be achieved, if he/ she maintains the current behavior, and how much more savings could be attained, if his/ her current behavior is changed. The success of such integration relies on advanced sensor technologies, efficient real-time computation algorithms, and deep understanding of human’s psychological thinking processes.

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