Experimental and Computational platform for novel façade concepts

The project aims to develop holistic designs applied to various novel façade using a novel computational platform. The sample data comes from the adoption of the SinBerBEST testbed facilities allowing rapid characterization of materials properties utilized in glass panels, cementitious composite panels, masonry-based systems, and advanced dynamic façades with augmentable components. For each façade design alternative, the project considers and implements different design inside the holistic design decision-making tool. This takes into account several requirements: economical, functional, social, psychological, physical (human comfort and health) and environmental.

As such, several decision variables will be integrated in the decision making system into a unique holistic design involving human comfort, energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, human reliability, in addition to safety. This allows the project to define innovative technologies that are able to take into account the site-dependent weather conditions, and the socio-economic features of the society where the products will be developed. This project also includes life-cycle analysis of each design alternative, taking into account time-dependent phenomena, like degradation of the materials, volatility of the financial market, change of the weather conditions because of climate change, or social changes because of innovations or unpredictable events.

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