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  • Jayantika Soni, SinBerBEST Graduate Student Wins Best Presentation Award

    SinBerBEST Graduate Student Wins Best Poster Presentation Award

    Jayantika Soni, a graduate student at the National University of Singapore, won Best Poster Presentation at the 5th NUS Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Symposium in Singapore for her research titled "Electric Spring for Voltage and Power Stability and Power Factor Correction." 

  • SinBerBEST Graduate Student Wins Best Presentation Award

    Jayantika Soni, a graduate student at the National University of Singapore, won Best Presentation at the IECON 2014 Conference in Dallas, Texas for her research based on the paper titled "Load-side Demand Management in Buildings using Controlled Electric Springs." You may read this paper by following this link. Congratulations!

  • MIT Technology Review Features SinBerBEST Localization Research

    The MIT Technology Review website has published a feature about the interior localization methods research performed at UC Berkeley. The article sourced its information from the paper co-authored by Ruoxi Jia, Ming Jin, and Professor Costas Spanos, titled "SoundLoc: Acoustic Method for Indoor Localization without Infrastructure." Read the whole feature, as well as the research paper at: An Indoor Positioning System Based On Echolocation.


Chancellor Designate Nicholas Dirk visited BEARS’ headquarters on Saturday, 6 April 2013.

His visit to BEARS, the University of California Berkeley (UCB) Center in South East Asia, was part of his Asia Pacific tour prior to his upcoming appointment as UCB Chancellor.

Singapore as one of the most developed countries is facing an increasing need for sustainable development and growth, especially in building sector – a high energy consumption sector. Realization of the need for a synergistic effort among research communities, industries and local agencies to work towards smart and sustainable buildings in Singapore; that is the background behind the joint workshop by ERI@N and SinBerBEST.

SinBerBest Anuual Meeting to be held on the 2014 8-10 January 2014

The energy conservation “Living Lab” experiment is a social game encouraging students to save energy started Monday, Sept 23.  The social experiment is taking place at 406 Cory Hall, University of California, Berkeley.

The article "Low-cost coarse airborne particulate matter sensing for indoor occupancy detection", by students Kevin Weekly, Donghyun Rim, and Lin Zhang (visiting scholar from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China), led by Professors Alexandre BayenWilliam Nazaroff, and Costas Spanos won the QSI Best Application Paper Award at th

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