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  • Using polymer octet lattice to reinforce the pliability of concrete

    Berkeley Engineering: Researchers Create Tougher, Environmentally-friendly Concrete

    In October 2020, Berkeley Engineering featured a civil and mechanical engineering ingenuity, a stronger concrete with less carbon emission, that was created by SinBerBEST Theme C researchers including Claudia Ostertag, Hayden Taylor, Brian Salazar, Parham Aghdasi, and Ian Williams. The research team utilized a 3D printer to create polymer-based octet lattices, and then poured ultra-high performance concrete, which is four times sturdier than traditional concrete in compaction, into the lattices.

  • pythermalcomfort: A Thermal Comfort Python Package

    LinkedIn Article: pythermalcomfort

    In August 2020, SinBerBEST Postdoctoral Scholar, Federico Tartarini, published an article sharing that he and SinBerBEST PI, Stefano Schiavon, recently developed a Python package, pythermalcomfort, which can be used to calculate the most popular thermal comfort indices that conform with the major thermal comfort standards such as ASHRAE 55 and ISO 7730.

  • Breathing Facade: A Sustainable and Affordable Cooling and Dehumidification Solution for Public Schools in the Tropics

    Breathing Facade: A Sustainable and Affordable Cooling and Dehumidification Solution for Public Schools in the Tropics

    In May 2020, Medium, an online publishing platform with over 60 million monthly active users, highlighted the UC Berkeley MEng Class of 2020 Capstone Award Winners for their annual accomplishments and research inventions. The 2020 awards include the Fung Institute Mission Award, the Alumni Award, and the Leadership Capstone Award.

Latest News

  • Patent for Antenna-embedded Concrete Granted

    Patent for Antenna-embedded Concrete Granted

    SinBerBEST Principal Investigators and Postdoctoral Scholars have been granted a patent for creating a process for forming an antenna structure and for embedding an antenna system in concrete. In 2016, Prof. Boon Hee Soong, Prof. Paulo Monteiro, Dr. Vanessa Reinheimer, and Dr. Yee Loon Soong, filed this patent application in order enhance the concrete structure's energy harvesting capabilities for embedded Internet of Things (IoT) applications, but to also significantly improve the overall performance of wireless technologies within buildings. Congratulations!

  • 2020 American Automatic Control Council O. Hugo Schuck Best Paper Award

    2020 American Automatic Control Council O. Hugo Schuck Best Paper Award

    Research collaboration between SinBerBEST 2 and UC Berkeley’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  (EECS) team resulted in a O. Hugo Schuck Best Paper Award from the American Automatic Control Council (AACC) in 2020.

  • Photo caption: Prof Stefano Schiavon provided an overview of the SinBerBEST technologies to BCA CEO Hugh Lim (in blue), Minister Desmond Lee (on Mr Lim’s right), and FEC BE Cluster Sub-committee members.

    Visit by Future Economy Council (FEC) Built Environment (BE) Cluster Sub-committee Members to SinBerBEST Living Lab in BCA

    On 19th November 2019, Minister for Social and Family Development & Second Minister for  National Development, Mr Desmond Lee and fellow co-chair Mr Lim Ming Yan, former president and group chief executive office of CapitaLand, along with the FEC BE Cluster Sub-committee members visited the living lab at the Zero Energy Building (ZEB) located in the BCA Braddell Campus.


Spanos, Costas, Sultan, Zuraimi, Saha, Jaydeep, Chandra, Rohit, Panda, Sanjib, Yu, Yang, Hu, Guoqiang, Krishnanand , K. R., Monteiro, Paulo, Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Alberto, Jin, Baihong, Nguyen, Hoan Thong
Spanos, Costas, Sultan, Zuraimi
Sultan, Zuraimi, Spanos, Costas, Cheung, Toby, Das, Hari Prasanna, Gao, Yidan, Kent, Michael, Mosalam, Khalid, Narendra, I. Komang, Panda, Sanjib, Krishnanand , K. R., Schiavon, Stefano
Sultan, Zuraimi, Spanos, Costas, Aghdasi, Parham, Taylor, Hayden K., Ostertag, Claudia, Xie, Lihua, Mosalam, Khalid, Chen, Jiawei
Spanos, Costas, Sultan, Zuraimi
Spanos, Costas, Sultan, Zuraimi, Xie, Lihua, Taylor, Hayden K., Nguyen, Hoan Thong
Spanos, Costas, Sultan, Zuraimi, Tartarini, Federico, Schiavon, Stefano, Xie, Lihua, Kent, Michael, Jin, Baihong, Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Alberto

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