WiFi-based Indoor Positioning System Deployed at UC Berkeley

SinBerBEST's WiFi-based Non-intrusive Indoor Positioning System (WinIPS) is a system that automatically detects the presence of all occupants using WiFi-enabled mobile devices, and precisely estimates their locations in real-time. 

It provides real-time occupancy distribution information, and enables a better understanding of human activity patterns, and a more precise forecast of a building's energy consumption. Building occupants can also directly check their locations through any browsers on their mobile devices without a lengthy APP installation process. 

WinIPS won the 3rd Place award in the IPSN 2014 Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition. With this installation at the BEARS office in UC Berkeley, WinIPS has coverage across 8200 m2 in 11 different indoor environments across the world.

 To access the WinIPS information for the BEARS office at UC Berkeley, click here. Then, you can click on ‘Show All Users’ button on the right to check the real-time locations of all occupants (each blue dot represents one occupant.) You can also click on ‘Show Heatmap’ to view the heatmap of occupancy distribution in the past 10 minutes.