Defining Smart and Sustainable Building ERI@N – SinBerBEST Workshop

Singapore as one of the most developed countries is facing an increasing need for sustainable development and growth, especially in building sector – a high energy consumption sector. Realization of the need for a synergistic effort among research communities, industries and local agencies to work towards smart and sustainable buildings in Singapore; that is the background behind the joint workshop by ERI@N and SinBerBEST.

ERI@N is the Energy Research Institute at NTU (Nanyang Technological University). It was officially opened in the year 2010, lead by Prof. Subodh Mhaisalkar. Currently ERI@N has 4 centers of research. The centers are:

  •  Center for Sustainable Energy Research (CSER)
  • Center for Maritime Research (CMER)
  • Solar Energy and Fuels Center (SEFC)
  • Center for Electro-mobility with TUM (CEM)

The objectives of the workshop were to create a pathway for research in smart and sustainable buildings together with ERI@N. The workshop discussed the scholarly definition of smart and sustainable building. Experts from both SinBerBEST and ERI@N shared their opinion on the above topic.

Prof. Spanos mentioned the technology in the field of energy has evolved tremendously. This is due to the availability of technology  to gather information on the energy usage. The design of the energy system in the past has put extreme emphasis on reliability. However, with the current information system technology, SinBerBEST foresee the possibility to increase efficiency.

Dr. Nilesh Y. Jadhav highlighted the importance of time constraint from research to implementation, and ownership of the technology. The building owner concern most about the reliability of the building due to the heavy investment cost for construction, especially in Singapore.

More information about the panel discussion can be found in BSpace / Video folder in Dropbox.

The workshop was inaugurated with a welcome opening from both research institutes, followed by BCA (Building and Contruction Authority) Green Building Director and JTC (Jurong Town Council) Assistant CEO.

The presentation slides from SinBerBEST and ERIAN are now available at “BSpace/Presentations/ SinBerBEST ERIAN July 2013” folder in the Dropbox.

JTC is the lead agency in Singapore to plan, promote and develop high quality industrial facilities and vibrant industrial space. JTC is a statutory board agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Singapore.

JTC gave positive indication to explore further collaboration with SinBerBEST.